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10 Ways to Squeeze the Maximum Blog Marketing Juice from Your Post

10 Ways to Market Your Blog Posts Get the most blog marketing juice from your posts

Are you squeezing all of the marketing juice you can from your blog posts?

If you take the time to write and publish a great post, you want to get the word out to the maximum number of people and ensure that you give the reader something to take away and something to act upon.

After you write your post, you can’t just hit publish and keep your fingers crossed. There’s still work to be done.

Here are 10 ways to get the most from your post!

Not only do you want your title to grab the reader’s attention, but also you want to make sure you strategically place your SEO keywords in the title. And you want to make sure those keywords are close to the front of the headline as possible. This gives search engines a little help in finding your post.

A list post always does well, so putting a number in front of the keyword, followed by an attention grabbing phrase, is always a good formula.

Here’s some additional great info from Copyblogger on writing great headlines.

Don’t forget that your images can offer great SEO benefits. For your featured image, do the following:

Save your images as [keyword-phrase.png] before you upload them to your site.Add alternative text in the image as [keyword phrase].Add title tag as [keyword phrase].

For the images within the content, do the same as above, but use other similar and relevant keywords.

After you write your post, go through the post to find a few relevant words to which you can naturally link an archived post on your blog. This will draw readers further into your pages and on your blog longer, which search engines just love.

Linking to other blogs, especially those with high ranking and authority, can do several things for you. First, Google will weigh it positively if they see you have linked to a big site like Problogger or Huffington Post, especially if it comes naturally as part of  your content.

Secondly, you are building relationships with other bloggers who may return the favor or make a nice comment on your blog.

And finally, it builds credibility with your readers to see the effort, research, and connections associated with your post.

A great way to get the word out about your post is to set up automatic pings (notifications) to specific sites like Technorati, Google, etc.  so that they are alerted when you have a new post up.

If you have WordPress, it’s really simple to do. From your dashboard, go to Settings, then click Writing on the drop-down menu, and scroll down to Update Services.Then paste the URLs of the sites you want to notify. Here’s a great list of the ping services you can paste in.

Don’t walk away from your newly published post without taking a couple of minutes to notify social media. Send out a tweet and maybe a follow-up tweet with an idea or tip related to your post, then link to it.

If you have a Facebook Fan page, be sure to share the link to the post with your followers. (If you don’t have a Fan Page, you really should create one. It’s easy!)

Don’t forget Google + and StumbleUpon. I’ve had a couple of posts on Live Bold and Bloom, like this one, that have gone viral on StumbleUpon!

Also, be sure to ask your readers to share the post on social media at the end of your post. If you don’t ask, it might not happen.

Try to publish your post several hours before it goes out in a broadcast email and Feedburner. This will allow time to give social media some traction and have a few comments on the post before it hits the masses. It also allows you time to correct any potential errors or fix broken or incorrect links before all eyes are on it.

Rewrite your post so that it is unique content and submit it article directories like Ezine. Include a backlink to the original article on your blog or other Ezine articles you’ve written. You can read more about article marketing here.

After you’ve written a long post, sometimes it’s hard to write thoughtful and personal responses to comments. But it pays off. This shows your readers that you care about them and are engaged in the community following your blog. It is social proof that your blog is lively and active.

If you’ve written a particularly strong post, let your peers in your niche know about it. They might want to include it in a round-up or tweet about it. If another blogger sends out a regular email newsletter to readers, suggest one of your posts as something to possibly include for their readers. Bloggers are always looking for useful goodies to give their readers.

Remember, don’t let your juicy post sit idle when there is so much marketing goodness to be extracted from it. Writing and publishing are just the first steps in getting all the value you can from your blog posts.

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