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Affordable Search Engine Optimization Means You Need To Be Organized

Creating Affordable Search Engine Optimization is Simply Organizing your site

Keyword research is just the first part of creating Affordable Search Engine Optimization. The next part is planning your site structure and site navigation in order to optimize your content.

Organization is crucial to your success. Having organized content using optimized keywords in the correct places will only increase your search engine traffic. The first step to take is optimizing your existing content before you create more. Look into your existing content to create affordable search engine optimization.

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Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Be methodical

Be methodical in your approach to truly understand what the purpose is for each page on your site. The homepage is the MOST IMPORTANT and most landed on page of your web property. Optimize it; remembering that your home page should have a target of 3 keywords.

Optimizing your pages means adding keyword rich links to the homepage; thereby passing inbound link juice along to your other pages. These are the clickable links (anchor text) used to get to your category pages. Once you are on the category page, then it should contain everything related to that one topic chosen. Optimize it as well. Remember  each category page should have a target of 3 keywords.

People when searching will be further along in their decision making process after clicking through to a category page. The next step will be the product page; this will now be optimized for 2 keywords.

Follow the logic of moving from Generic to Specific as you create your site.  For example – Home Furnishings – Kitchen furnishing – Kitchen Table

Get started with this really affordable search engine optimization technique.

  • Organize your pages
  • Decide on the subject
  • Pick 3 primary keyword phrases for the homepage and the category pages
  • Pick primary and secondary keyword phrase for product pages
  • Write the title tag to include primary keyword phrase (70 character limit)
  • Write the description meta tag to include all 3 keyword phrases (200 character limit, Sell yourself, Include all keywords,Include call to action)
  • Organize Content and structure be sure to include keyword rich headings
  • Write the Content

Good luck with organizing your sites content and using affordable search engine optimization techniques.  Follow these 6 steps as you move forward and build your web property.

  1. Plan
  2. Create
  3. Optimize Content
  4. Run Link Building Campaigns
  5. Monitor Progress
  6. Generate more keyword ideas
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To learn more Affordable Search Engine Optimization techniques read my 20 part series that will guide you through each step now.

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  1. Chris Cole says:

    Hi Lisa, great tips I totally agree about your search engine optimization tips. Planning and organization are big items when it comes to SEO.

    If you plan and organize your site and are very methodical with it, you will have a massive advantage over the ones who make a half effort of doing their SEO.

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