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10 Ways to Squeeze the Maximum Blog Marketing Juice from Your Post

10 Ways to Market Your Blog Posts Get the most blog marketing juice from your posts

Are you squeezing all of the marketing juice you can from your blog posts?

If you take the time to write and publish a great post, you want to get the word out to the maximum number of people and ensure that you give the reader something to take away and something to act upon.

After you write your post, you can’t just hit publish and keep your fingers crossed. There’s still work to be done.

Here are 10 ways to get the most from your post!

Not only do you want your title to grab the reader’s attention, but also you want to make sure you strategically place your SEO keywords in the title. And you want to make sure those keywords are close to the front of the headline as possible. This gives search engines a little help in finding your post.

A list post always does well, so putting a number in front of the keyword, followed by an attention grabbing phrase, is always a good formula.

Here’s some additional great info from Copyblogger on writing great headlines.

Don’t forget that your images can offer great SEO benefits. For your featured image, do the following:

Save your images as [keyword-phrase.png] before you upload them to your site.Add alternative text in the image as [keyword phrase].Add title tag as [keyword phrase].

For the images within the content, do the same as above, but use other similar and relevant keywords.

After you write your post, go through the post to find a few relevant words to which you can naturally link an archived post on your blog. This will draw readers further into your pages and on your blog longer, which search engines just love.

Linking to other blogs, especially those with high ranking and authority, can do several things for you. First, Google will weigh it positively if they see you have linked to a big site like Problogger or Huffington Post, especially if it comes naturally as part of  your content.

Secondly, you are building relationships with other bloggers who may return the favor or make a nice comment on your blog.

And finally, it builds credibility with your readers to see the effort, research, and connections associated with your post.

A great way to get the word out about your post is to set up automatic pings (notifications) to specific sites like Technorati, Google, etc.  so that they are alerted when you have a new post up.

If you have WordPress, it’s really simple to do. From your dashboard, go to Settings, then click Writing on the drop-down menu, and scroll down to Update Services.Then paste the URLs of the sites you want to notify. Here’s a great list of the ping services you can paste in.

Don’t walk away from your newly published post without taking a couple of minutes to notify social media. Send out a tweet and maybe a follow-up tweet with an idea or tip related to your post, then link to it.

If you have a Facebook Fan page, be sure to share the link to the post with your followers. (If you don’t have a Fan Page, you really should create one. It’s easy!)

Don’t forget Google + and StumbleUpon. I’ve had a couple of posts on Live Bold and Bloom, like this one, that have gone viral on StumbleUpon!

Also, be sure to ask your readers to share the post on social media at the end of your post. If you don’t ask, it might not happen.

Try to publish your post several hours before it goes out in a broadcast email and Feedburner. This will allow time to give social media some traction and have a few comments on the post before it hits the masses. It also allows you time to correct any potential errors or fix broken or incorrect links before all eyes are on it.

Rewrite your post so that it is unique content and submit it article directories like Ezine. Include a backlink to the original article on your blog or other Ezine articles you’ve written. You can read more about article marketing here.

After you’ve written a long post, sometimes it’s hard to write thoughtful and personal responses to comments. But it pays off. This shows your readers that you care about them and are engaged in the community following your blog. It is social proof that your blog is lively and active.

If you’ve written a particularly strong post, let your peers in your niche know about it. They might want to include it in a round-up or tweet about it. If another blogger sends out a regular email newsletter to readers, suggest one of your posts as something to possibly include for their readers. Bloggers are always looking for useful goodies to give their readers.

Remember, don’t let your juicy post sit idle when there is so much marketing goodness to be extracted from it. Writing and publishing are just the first steps in getting all the value you can from your blog posts.

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Overwhelmed with Blog Marketing Input? 7 Places to Prioritize Your Output

Blog Marketing Priorities Don’t Get Overwhelmed by Blog Marketing Tasks

When we first started A-List Blog Marketing, I signed up to receive email broadcasts from several of the top blog marketing bloggers. It’s good to see what other people are doing and some of the cutting edge marketing ideas and products that are coming on the market.

Every day the inbox in our gmail account looks like Times Square in New York City. There are more flashing headlines and offers than my brain can handle. Sometimes I look at all of them and just click away from gmail. It’s overwhelming.

Here are some of the headlines in today’s inbox:

All of these headlines look enticing and important. They all look like something that could be useful and potentially profitable for my blog. Maybe there’s even something that I would deeply regret missing if I didn’t read the post or take advantage of the information right now.

I could spend my entire day reading various posts and testing new products — and even then I would be confused about what to do next, what’s most important for my blogging goals.

How do you decide who to listen to, what advice to take, what products to purchase, and what to spend your time on next? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a Blog god who told you exactly what to do and when to do it to ensure that your blog is successful?

We don’t claim to be Blog gods, but we can help you prioritize and clear your way through the overload of information at your disposal. Here are some important things to focus on:

1. Pick a few experts to follow. There are so many blogs that cover blogging and online marketing. Every one of them has a different style, a difference voice, and a specific focus. Find a few (maybe 3-4) that you like and trust, who are successful at what they do, and follow them so you can learn from them. Some of our favorites here at A-List Blog Marketing (other than our own blog!) include:

Smart Passive Income


Think Traffic


Entrepreneurs Journey

Clay Collins

2. Never stop focusing on great content. The best marketing in the world won’t make up for weak content. Give your readers what they want on a regular basis. Make your posts insanely useful, rich, interesting, and informative. Write amazing headlines to grab their attention. Make sure the posts are easy to read, scannable, and well-formatted. Do this with every, single post.

3. Make sure your free giveaway is working for you. If you have a single-topic opt-in giveaway, test it regularly to make sure it’s enticing enough to your readers that they are converting to subscribers. Create three posts on topics that would interest your readers. Make them list posts and use the same number in each post headline. For example, 12 Ways to Make $100 in One Weekend; 12 Great Tips on Getting 1000 Subscribers in 3 Months; 12 Critical Steps to Creating a Bestselling eBook.  One of the three posts should be the same topic as your current free product. Then put these post links on your sidebar in a prominent location to see which one gets the most clicks over a 2-3 week period. That will tell you what really interests your readers for an opt-in product!

4. Get comfortable with video. This trend is not going away. It is becoming more and more the norm for bloggers to have video on their blogs and YouTube channels that direct traffic to their blog and products.  YouTube can increase your traffic dramatically. Watch this video to learn more: Video Traffic Academy .

5. Create a pillar product of your own. The most profitable product you will ever sell on your blog is a product that you have created yourself. Every blog entrepreneur needs a pillar product of their own that is the centerpiece of their work on the blog. Discover Your Passion is that product for my blog, Live Bold and Bloom. Look at the products currently available in your niche, and find a way to differentiate yourself. Make sure your product is professional look, full of great content with various media (video, articles, podcasts, etc.) A great model for an exceptional product is Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit.

6. Don’t ignore your email list. Your email list is made up of the people who subscribed to your blog — people who like what you write and have given up their email address for you. You need to connect with them regularly and personally. By doing so, you will not only create a personal relationship with them, but also they will grow to like and trust you so that they eventually are willing to purchase from you. You can read more about tending to your list here.

7. Build affiliates and partner connections. Creating long-lasting relationships and connections with other bloggers is essential to your success. Before you have a product, begin personally connecting with bloggers in your niche. Comment on their blogs, write them a nice email, have a Skype call with them to brainstorm or share ideas. Then when you have a product to sell, they will be more likely to join your affiliate program. These bloggers also can become partners for future joint promotions that can be a substantial income stream for you.

If you focus on these 7 items, you can ignore all of the other input coming at you for now. Get these essentials nailed down, and then you can open your mind to all of the other input trying to dilute your output!

Not yet a subscriber? Please join us for regular blog marketing tips at A-List Blog Marketing!

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How to Make Money Online: Building Your Business from the Ground Up

How to Make Money Online: Building Your Business from the Ground UpThis book is the perfect guide for:
– the stay at home mom who wants to earn money and spend time with the kids

-the student who wants to concentrate on school and still make some money

-the loving husband who was laid off and needs to support his family

-the entrepreneur who is always looking for the next big thing

-the skeptics who believe its impossible to make money online

-the financial visionaries trying to chart a plan for success

That means this book has something for just about everyone! There is nobody who wouldn’t like to earn some more money. That is because we all want to be able to afford the comforts of life, but do not want to have to sacrifice time with our families or even our health to get it. But that seems to be just what these big businesses want. They want us to work at least hours a day for a measly pay check that they simply skim off the surface of their profits. The same profits they earned as you had to work yourself to the bone, missing the opportunity to get sleep and even being forced to spend less and less time with your family.

Jenna believes that it is time for a change! There is really no need to slave for that corporation anymore. Its time you got to spend all of your time making your own business and watching it take off. Do you think that your pay will suddenly increase if your company makes phenomenal amounts of profit because you decide to put in a little extra effort? Why not put all that extra effort into a system where you will reap all the benefits of your hard work. Now is not the time to become complacent in any job. No matter how much you think your boss cares about you and your needs, they will replace without a second thought if they find someone willing to charge less. Job security is promised to no employee these days. The last thing you want to do is be laid off or fired and left without a means of sustaining yourself. Jenna will show you that the keys to your financial freedom have been right there at your finger tips the whole time.

So what are you waiting for?! Don’t you want to finally be able to buy the things you want and have a little extra to enjoy life too? Let Jenna show you exactly what you need to be doing.
About the author: Jenna Lee is a stay at home mom who loves her kids. She began her online ventures in college when she wanted some extra money in order to ease the financial burden on her parents. After graduating, she decided to settle down in ‘real job’ and work 9 – 5 like she had been told was the best option. She soon realized that her job was taking a toll on her emotionally since she had so little time to spend with the people she loved. It was after having her second child and watching several of her close friends replaced by cheap outsourced labor, that she decided she had enough. ‘Why should I miss watching my child grow up for a company that could fire me at any minute?’ she began to think to herself. And soon, she was home, around her computer trying to get a big break. She now earns a six figure income from all her various online endeavors and now she has chosen to share her trade secrets with you.
Excerpt: . . . . . “Now some of you may say, “I know exactly what I want!” And you may then proceed to find that list you have had since high school which probably says things like: find a good 9 – 5 job in order to pay the bills, get married and have two kids. But is that really all you want? Is there nothing more to life than simply being able to pay the bills or live comfortably as some people call it? Of course there is! I am sure if I took a poll of all the people who hate getting up at 7 in the morning to reach work at nine, I would probably find that everyone had the same answer.


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