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5 Can’t Miss Ideas for Creating Great Content

Increase Your Reader Engagement Reach New Heights of Reader Engagement

At the end of the day, our role as bloggers is to create great, compelling content for our readers. It’s the reason we are here, the reason people sign up for our list, and the unspoken expectation that has been set in our reader’s mind.

But what constitutes “great” anyway? How does one define this undefinable term? Here are 5 must-read articles on the intricacies of content marketing that can help take your “great” content to new (and higher) levels of return.

They employ some of the best in the business and their strategies for content and engagement are worth noticing. Check out this break-down of Coca-Colas strategy from Copyblogger.

Readers respect you for respecting them. Check out this detailed strategy Pat Flynn employs over at Smart Passive Income. With a 50 to 70% open rate on his emails, the man is doing right by his readers.

I don’t support cat-napping, but this article from Firepole Marketing has some great points about creating clear calls-to-action. Your readers will always appreciate the directive. If you leave them guessing, they usually just leave.

Your blog posts can be more than information, they can truly tell a story. Employ some of the techniques great fiction writers use and see what happens. This post from Problogger gets you started with four of them.

Don’t overlook “new” and “shiny”—they can be game changers for your business. Just don’t get caught up in the hype. Make sure your time investment is producing a return. Here’s a great content plan for Google+ from Copyblogger.

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Free Friday: Discover the Top Inbound Metrics for B2Bs

On this Free Friday, we’re inviting you to an online seminar about “Top Inbound Metrics for B2B Marketers.”

The free online seminar helps B2B marketers find out which top metrics they should track to make sure their inbound programs are working well.

Attendees also will learn about…

Which metrics best demonstrate the effectiveness and reach of your website and social media campaignsWhich competitive metrics to trackHow to calculate the ROI of inbound marketing efforts

The presenters of the seminar are Morgan Stewart and Uri Bar-Joseph.

Morgan Stewart is CEO and co-founder at Trendline Interactive. He also leads primary research for MarketingProfs.

Uri Bar-Joseph is responsible for reporting on Optify’s internal marketing metrics. He also works with the product development team.

To get the scoop on inbound marketing, attend the free seminar on Tuesday, June 26, at noon (Eastern time). The seminar is only 60 minutes long, so you can check it out on your lunch break.

Plus, as a seminar attendee, you’ll receive MarketingProfs’ companion whitepaper. The info-packed report will give you even more insight into the inbound metrics that matter most to B2B marketers.

Register here today for this free online seminar.

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Outsourcing Tips – Five Things I Bought on Fiverr

There are still so many jobs to do when it comes to running a successful blog and one of the places that I like to visit is Yes there are scammers and spammers there, but you will find these kind of people all over the Internet. For the real outsourcing I use both Elance and Odesk, but sometimes when you need a simple job Fiverr will do.

Here are a few jobs I have purchased recently, some are great, while others are just no good at all.

I got sick of having boring videos so I took the plunge and bought a video intro. You can watch the video below to see the intro. Many people are doing this now and even though it has become common, it still looks good.


Here are some more interesting Fivirr Gigs:

Hmm well this could be a bit on the dark side but I suppose you can buy the accounts and turn it into something decent. I personally have spent years building up my Yahoo! accounts but I probably would have taken this option if it was available when I started out.


I actually tried this one and although it did the job, I still felt that it was a little bit spammy. Unfortunately I have a hard time letting a job go unless it is done properly. Yes the PDFs were submitted to various websites but under someone else’s account who I do not know.


Yes I bought this one too! But I thought the links were a bit spammy because again, they were done by someone else, and not to my standard. If you are wondering if these links will work or not, the answer is yes, but only for a very short term. The only reason I bought these is for some variety in my link building. At this current time I would probably give it a miss.

Spammy links

I ordered a funny, possibly saucy, possibly clean, limerick, poem or rap for $5 and this is what I got.

At 7 am each morning
When your alarm screams like a banshee
Do you ever think
“Crappy day jobs stink
I want to sleep til three.”

And when you’re stuck in traffic
Watching pigeons limp faster than you
Do you think God Dammit
I’ll tell my boss to rammit
And stick his performance review

And when lunchtime’s are just 30 minutes
From Twelve Thirty to One O’Clock
Do fast food French fries
Quadruple your thighs
And give you liver spots?

And when some pimple faced colleague
In the next cubicle
Blasts Miley Cyrus
Do you wish her a virus
And contemplate sleeping pills

Well then Mitz has all the answers
For escaping work drudgery
Avoiding almost certain suicide
Relaxing by the poolside
And working from home you see

Your social skills may well diminish
And appearance could suffer as well
You might grow unruly thick hair
That may sprout everywhere
And you won’t be dressed like other office personnel

But at least you will have the freedom
To only work when you choose
Never rush your morning coffee
Forget all appointments completely
Or have sex all afternoon

But beware of addictive distractions
Ban Facebook now you’ve retired
Don’t even look at Twitter
Avoid friends on Flickr
But at least chatting online won’t get you fired

So embrace creating your destiny
Just careful to work normal hours
Because being nocturnal
Can make life infernal
And must not forget to shower

And though your partner may tire
Of seeing your face all the time
It’s best to be happy
So stop feeling crappy
And grab life and get ready to shine.

For $5 what do you get? This is pretty amazing. After getting this I had some great ideas for more poems I could get. For example, I want to get one from my friends 40th birthday and maybe one for my daughter’s birthday. Unfortunately this user does not exist any longer, but I’m sure there are others out there that do a similar thing. Of course this is got nothing to do with my business, but I just thought it was cheap for five dollars.

Not sure if this seller is still doing this gig?

This one was a shocker for me because I seriously thought I had a great website, after all it makes loads of money, (but I can’t show my income reports) but this guy picked it to death. This gig actually cost 2 x $5 but you can see the real value here.

As you can see he really found some points where I can improve my website.. ( I hate him now)

I just can’t believe the stuff he picked on. It really does pay to get someone to take a good look at your website!!! Please do not go and see if I have fixed all these problems either, because I haven’t. They are on my list of things to do though.

What do you think about my purchases on Are you interested in buying any?

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